Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally here!

My suspense book, Mist, is finally ready. It's on Kindle now and soon will be available for Nook, print, and others. It's out there in print now, too.

I got the idea for this book a year ago, when I saw a "Missing" poster on a bulletin board in a small cafe in northern Minnesota. The poster had been there for years -- I remember seeing it there in years past. I started wondering: what would happen if that person returned? What happens to those who come back? What happens to those who have a "Happy Ending" and are returned?

The name, of course, came about because people who are taken are missed. I wanted something totally different from my other multi-word title books because these next books mark a change in my writing. There's still just a touch of romance, but not nearly as much as I've had in the past. Now the focus is on the mystery and the characters, not on the Happily Ever After.

So here's to Mist! And to those who are missed, daily...