About the Books


Carolyn O'Malley was kidnapped and held against her will for 40 long days--days filled with anger, shame, and humiliation. She escaped her captor, but in the years that followed, she couldn't escape the memories of the horror she endured.

Now it's seven years later, and the FBI Task Force is closing in on the man known as The Groom. Carolyn is willing to walk into a trap in order to get him, but his capture might come at a high price. 

Is she willing to pay it?

Lie To Me

Grace Jamison has always been unlucky in love but this is ridiculous. What was supposed to be a blind date has turned into an FBI sting operation, complete with handsome Special Agent Ben Braden, a train ride and chase through the Badlands, and a final confrontation at a safe house—which turned out to be not so safe. If she can survive that, she can probably survive having her heart broken by Ben...unless she can convince him to take a chance on love.

Ex-Wives, Extortion, and Erotic First Editions

A bookstore owner who specializes in erotic fiction...an ex-cop determined to follow the clues....a cross-country road trip that takes them to romance and danger...and a lot of fun! Join Jack and Odetta and a box full of sexy books as they embark on a deadly scavenger hunt.

Shadow of Doubt
 All Margaret wanted to do was settle her uncle's estate. It meant she had to give up her plans for a beautiful tropical vacation with the man she loves, but Margaret understands the meaning of duty and she'll do what's right.

What she didn't plan on a blizzard, a conspiracy, murder, duplicity,
and love ....

PhDs, Pornography, and Premeditated Murder
Professor Jane Renard has a whopping big secret: she writes erotic romance novels. And now her secret is about to be revealed. That's not her only problem: toss in a dead ex-husband, a sad lack of first-hand knowledge about erotic doings, and her best friend stalked by a crazy husband.

Yep, it's a good thing Jane has a friend to help her. Marcus is willing to handle all of her problems...especially that lack of erotic knowledge!
Homicide, Hostages, and Hot Rod Restorations
Mary Margaret Madison (“Threemie”) stopped at a bar on her way home from visiting a friend at the hospital, and look what happened – she met Bill, the man of her dreams -- and she also met a murderer. Now she and Bill are targeted by a killer and a man bent on revenge. If they can dodge the traps laid for them – and if they can each learn to trust each other -- maybe they can find out if a life of classic cars and computers is the life for them.
Nowhere To Run
Did you ever make a mistake in love? Did that mistake almost kill you?
She thought she finally escaped her terrible past. But when the hang-up calls and tailgating started again, she knew he was back. Now she has to lure her tormentor into the open in order to start a new life. If she fails, she has to live her past over...again.
Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts
Bea Emerson finally married the cowboy of her dreams, but her honeymoon with L.J. Remarchik was cut short when Bea found the body of an aspiring writer on Halloween, killed by a trick-or-treater. She and L.J. were soon pulled into a deadly search for a killer who is hiding among authors, agents, and publishers at a writing conference in a remote resort in Minnesota’s North Woods. Will their dreams of a life together be cut short before it can begin?
Sun, Surf, and Sandy Strangulation
Best-selling author Bea Emerson finds love -- and murder -- at the Clue Con Writer’s Conference. Was it Miss Scarlett with the gun in the Library or Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the billiard room? But more importantly — can Bea and L.J. rescue their faltering love affair before someone makes her a victim?
Autographs, Abductions, and A-List Authors
Bea Emerson discovers that writing best-selling mysteries can be murder. She witnesses the murder of a famous author and is almost poisoned herself at a writer's conference. That near-death experience is nothing compared to falling in love with the detective assigned to the case. If the killer doesn't do her in, a broken heart might . . .

Brilliant Disguise
Nick Baxter, an undercover FBI agent, thinks his brilliant disguise will fool the hicks in New Providence, Iowa. They won't suspect he's there investigating widow Shannon Delgardie, under suspicion of treason. What Nick doesn't know is that everybody in town is conspiring to protect her and investigate him in return.
Shannon needs help. The men her late husband blackmailed are closing in and the FBI might be involved. When Nick approaches her, can she trust him? With the aid of computer hackers and hair stylists, she uncovers the truth, finding a love she never expected in a tiny Iowa town.
Candy, Corpses, and Classified Ads
Author and normal town news reporter Molly Lawson tries to find who killed her husband and buried him outside her house while her ex-lover JT McCord —the cop who's investigating the murder—closes in on her.
 Brownies, Bodies, and Breaking the Code
Jessie's brownies at the potluck appear to have poisoned a co-worker, but in the course of the investigation, she uncovers more than a simple murder. If she's not careful, a plate of suspicious brownies might be the least of her worries.
If Not For You
A letter gone astray throws Layla Whitford into Max Lerner's path, a path that includes a kidnapping, stock manipulation, and love. Will they both survive the encounter?
Your Saving Grace
A wounded detective facing forced retirement has one last assignment, to protect a woman from her murderous past—and from a murderous future.